Friday, November 28, 2014

Commissioner's Corner - November 2014

November is becoming a memory, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and old man winter is approaching. Halloween starts the official Holiday season, but to most of us, Thanksgiving is the time it really starts. We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and we hope the family and friends you shared it with also have a Merry Christmas, which is just around the corner!

November is usually busy in the Commissioner’s office. We are starting to wrap up projects from this year, and planning for next year has begun. This year, we got quite a bit accomplished as to fixing and repairing buildings and equipment that was in desperate need. The Wagner Avenue Government Center, the old Visitation House, and of course all the work at the Sheriff’s office, was work that needed to be done in order to make the buildings useful for a long time. The Courthouse and other buildings also received some attention this year, so hopefully next year we do not have to do as much major repair and things replace as this year. As of now, we are finalizing the purchase of the remaining property around the Darke County Airport, and hope to have it wrapped up very shortly. This was another major accomplishment, and could not have happened without the kindness and co-operation of the Spiller family. Thank you to them for their understanding and commitment to Darke County all these past years.

November also starts the Appropriation part of the calendar year. Most offices are working on their projected budgets for next year, and in early December, we will meet with them to discuss their needs for 2015. We are always proud to say that our Department heads and elected officials do a tremendous job of holding the line on their budget requests. Most of the offices do as much as they possibly can, and only ask for more when something gets mandated from higher up, or some new equipment is needed. When you see our Elected Officials and Department Heads, please thank them for a job well done with little appreciation.

Darke County continues to shine in the Economic Arena, our unemployment rate continues to drop, our efforts in workforce development are succeeding and growing, and all of the new expansion that is taking place seems to be on schedule. JAFE glass is nearing completion, and will have a grand opening ceremony sometime in December. Congratulations to Randy O’Dell and the group at JAFE for your continued growth and commitment to Darke County. The High School renovation, the new school location, Whirlpool, Koenig’s Equipment, and Reid Hospital are also proceeding, along with the new Good Samaritan Health Center facility on Sweitzer Street, all soon becoming realities.

Thanks to all of our great companies and partners for their continued support and belief that this is the place to grow.

Christmas is just around the corner, and following that comes the New Year.

Won’t you try and make one of our open meetings this year? We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Commissioner’s office, located at 520 South Broadway in Greenville, just south of the Courthouse. Hope to see you there!

- The Darke County Commissioners

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