Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Arcanum Alumni Advisory Committee to Host "Arcanum Trojan Homecoming"

The Arcanum Alumni Advisory Committee cordially invites all graduates from Arcanum High School to their Arcanum Trojan Homecoming (formerly called Arcanum Alumni Banquet) on April 18, 2015.

The Arcanum Alumni Association Advisory Committee has been busy over the last several months to breathe new life into the Alumni Organization; they adopted the following Mission Statement “to increase the interest in and attendance to the annual social gathering. To achieve this, the sub-committees (Hospitality, Scholarship-Finance, Data-Entry, and Publicity) will provide assistance and guidance to the 25 year Class Program sub-committee for this event. The emphasis will be to increase scholarship giving and improved communication.” Thank you to the following individuals within our community who have volunteered: Tanya Baker (Class of 1990-25 year class), Amy Warner, Teri Bailey, Linda Newbauer (Class of 1965-50 year class), Laura VanHoose, Paul Myers, Terry Mills, Tom Fourman, Carrie Schmidt, Ted Scheiding, Cheryl Gray, Vickie Rhodehamel, Barb Garrison, Helena Schlafman, Marilyn Robinson, Nancy Ady, Barb Troutwine, Carolyn Hollinger, Sally Sharritts, Joyce Colville, Sharon Karns and John Stephens.

The Arcanum Alumni Advisory Committee is working to establish a Distinguished Alumni and Honorary Trojan Hall of Fame to recognize and honor those individuals who have made a significant impact through achievements, actions and contribution within their communities and professions and serve as exemplary role models for Arcanum students. A Selection Committee is being formed consisting of graduates representing the various decades. If you are interested in serving on the Selection Committee, please contact Superintendent, John Stephens, at

Invitations have been mailed and emailed to addresses that the committee has on hand. Due to postage costs, invitations were mailed to classes ending in “0” and “5”. The committee has been working hard to prepare a complete address list and it has been quite a monumental task, there are many classmates with unknown addresses or the address listed as their parents’ home address. If you have moved, gotten married and have never received an invitation in the past, that means there is no current address on file for you. Please register on the Alumni tab on the school website: with your most recent home mailing address and your email address.

Donations are also being sought for this year’s scholarship fund. If you would like to donate, either as an individual or as a business/tax deduction; please send your donation to “Arcanum Butler School” Alumni donation, attn: Matt Huffman, Treasurer, 2011 Trojan Avenue, Arcanum, Ohio 45304.

Do you have any old Arcanum Alumni Organization materials? It was recently mentioned that years ago there were some really old historical records from when the Alumni Association was first started in the early 1900s; these were old hard-bound journals that had been handed down from chairperson to chairperson through the years – somewhere they have been misplaced or forgotten – if anyone knows where they are or perhaps forgot they had them, the AAA Committee would love to have them back. Please contact me (Vickie Rhodehamel 692-6188) and I will see that they get returned to the organization.

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