Monday, April 27, 2015

Superintendent Update from Doug Fries, Superintendent of Greenville City Schools

Spring 2015

Due to six calamity days used this year, there will be one student makeup day on June 1st, 2015.

With the close of the 2014-15 school year just a month away, it is time to congratulate another group of outstanding seniors who formally will become graduates on May 30, 2015. Two hundred and sixteen graduates are scheduled to receive their diploma representing the Greenville School's Class of 2015. The class has had many academic and extra-curricular accomplishments while at Greenville and we commend each and every graduate. We wish all graduates much success and happiness in their future endeavors.

With the close of another school year, our district attention turns to the preparation for next year. Instructionally we continue to focus on teaching twenty first century learning skills to all of our students. We also continue to center our curriculum on national and state required learning standards and ongoing preparation for online assessments including the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), American Institute for Research (AIR), and End of Course Exams.

At the high school next year we will be initiating the new required College Credit Plus courses through both Edison State and Sinclair Community College. CCP replaces Ohio's Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP) and all alternate dual enrollment programs. Governor Kasich signed N.B. 487 into law on June 16, 2014 to put the CCP program in operation for the 2015-16 school year. Our district is working hard to finalize our plans to put this program into place.

Across the district, other curriculum plans for next year include the purchase of grades five through eight textbooks and supplemental material in the discipline of mathematics. We continue to incorporate a five year cycle to upgrade our curriculum material by content area. At the career tech building we are looking to increase instructors in our med tech and engineering manufacturing program. At the Junior High we are also increasing career tech courses with Information Technology in 7th grade and Business Foundations Information Technology in 8th grade.

At the elementary level we are moving forward with our one to one initiative with technology at Woodland Primary School. We are planning to implement one grade level next year at Woodland with each student having an individual technology device to use for instruction and supporting twenty first century learning.

Kindergarten screening for the 2015-16 school year will be taking place on Wednesday, April 29th, Thursday, April 30th and Friday, May 1st. The screening will take place at EUM Church (new church) 1451 Sater Street. We look forward to working with another new kindergarten class next school year. Please feel free to contact Memorial Hall if you have not registered a kindergarten student and need to schedule to have them screened.

Summer school will again be offered at Greenville High School and East Elementary. The high school offers makeup courses through the virtual academy along with a blended health and physical education class. There is also Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) tutoring available to students who still need to pass a part of the test. At East, summer reading intervention is available for students who are behind in reading. Feel free to contact the buildings or district office if you need registration information. Due to construction at the High School, summer school for that building will be held at the Junior High.

Next year at the high school lunch will be closed to 9th and 10th graders. We will have a newly remodeled cafeteria and kitchen that will be able to accommodate more students and the district will be implementing this change. Likewise, at the end of the day there will be no early dismissal for juniors and seniors. The Ohio Department of Education has eliminated funding for students leaving early at the end of the day unless it is for a credit work related program. Thus, this procedure will also be implemented.

Our renovation project at the high school is in Phase 8. Presently, renovation is taking place in classrooms near the media center. During the month of May the media center and two adjacent rooms will be under construction. With the beginning of summer, June 2nd through September 1st, much work will take place at the high school. The entire science wing will be under renovation along with the kitchen, cafeteria and restrooms outside the cafeteria. New lockers will be installed in hallways along with painting throughout the hallways. HVAC work will take place in the childcare, agriculture, virtual academy, and career tech buildings. The front entrances of the building and at the cafeteria will get new cement steps and landings with new doors at the main entrance. Most of the building activities in the summer will be eliminated. Summer school will be at the junior high. Open gym and band participation will only be accessed from the outside entrance next to the present high school baseball field, with inspector's permission. Any public access to the building will be from the back entrance across from the high school main office, again with inspector's permission. All parking should be in the back lot. There will be restrictions all over the building except in the gym and band room as approved and in the high school office during regular work hours on a limited basis. Feel free to contact the high school or central office by phone if you need questions answered or a meeting coordinated. We must honor the construction schedule and limit access to the building to complete all the renovations necessary this summer. The high school project still continues to track under budget with $50,000 contingency funds available, as we approach the final phase. I commend the high school students and staff for working through the renovation project this past year.

At the new K-8 construction site activity is picking up and will continue now for eighteen months. Presently foundations are being poured with appropriate rebar installed. Below grade footers are also being installed by the masons with walls to begin soon. The electrician is following the foundations installing sleeves. The plumbers are also installing sleeves and underground sanitary. Geothermal work has included installation of piping from outside of the roadways around the building into the building location and also surveying for their well field. Geothermal wells will begin being drilled in late June or July. Coordination meetings are being held between our plumbing/HVAC, electrician, fire protection and geothermal wells contractors. This coordination is done by use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) which is a 3D view of the building design.

Our K-8 building is being built under a construction manager at risk type project. Our designed building has a guaranteed maximum price from our CM at Risk, Shook Touchstone, which has been approved and under contract. The project design is on budget and is tracking with close to 2.5 percent construction contingency available. The only parts of the building left to be bid are the late packages for technology and loose furnishings as well as demolition and abatement of our present buildings. Money has been budgeted and set aside for these packages as well. The project is still projected to be complete November 15, 2016.

A listing of our established major contractors thus far in the project includes:

  • Early site work — Bruns Construction
  • General Trades — K&T
  • Concrete foundations — Bruns Construction Concrete
  • Planks & Erection — Mild South Prestress
  • Masonry — Hagerman
  • Doors, Frames, Hardware—Tanner
  • Roofing — Kerkan
  • Metal Studs & Drywall - Valley
  • Food Service — C&T Design
  • Aluminum Windows/Storefronts — Greenville Glass
  • Fire Protection —TP Mechanical
  • Joint Sealants - McBride
  • Plumbing/HVAC — Slagle Mechanical
  • Geothermal Wells — Geothermal Systems
  • Electrical/Cabling — Chapel
  • Electrical Underground Service — Chapel
  • Elevator — Thyssen Krupp
  • Structural Steel Material — American Steel Concrete
  • Slabs - Precision Steel Erections — Smith Erectors
  • Tile & Sheet Flooring — T&D
  • Wood Flooring — Cincinnati Flooring Terrazzo — F&M
  • Resinous Flooring — T&D
  • Painting & Coatings - McBride
  • Theatre & Stage Equipment — Farnham

Again, Shook Touchstone is our Construction Manager At Risk for the project and is overseeing and managing many parts of the general trades in the project.

I am sure the community, like the school district, is looking forward to the progression of the school construction project. We sincerely thank the community for your support of this project.

In addition to these two construction projects, the district is also soon going to be participating in two $500,000 legislative grant programs. One is to enhance an advanced manufacturing/engineering lab at the high school to improve our career tech space and the other is to remodel and make improvements to Memorial Hall. These are exciting times for the improvements and upgrades to our overall school facilities which will enhance our educational delivery process.

We have scheduled an auction to take place at the high school on the evening of May 28th. Much dated equipment from the High School, Kitchen area and around the district that is no longer of use will be auctioned. More information about this auction will be advertised.

I am pleased to indicate the Board of Education and Greenville Education Association completed a new master agreement settlement for another three years, July 1, 2015 —June 30, 2018. This was a very collaborative process between the two parties with a fair settlement for all involved. I commend the GEA for this positive collaboration to the negotiation process.

The close of the 2014-15 school year will mark the retirement of some of our employees. Staff members retiring at the end of the year include Rich Cline, Krista Subler, Tracy Tryon and Will Raby at the High School, Rebecca Muhlenkamp at the Junior High, Mary Petry at South and Susan Maitlen at East. Ruth Barnum also retired from the High School midyear. We wish all our retiring employees the very best in their future endeavors. Please join me in thanking each of these retiring employees for their dedication to Greenville Schools and our students.

We wish all of our students the best of luck with the end of the year testing season and final exams. The Superintendent's Office is open all summer. As always, feel free to contact me by phone at 937-548-3185 or email at with any questions you have about our district.
To all of our students, parents, staff and community members, have an enjoyable end to the school year and a wonderful summer break. We look forward to working with everyone during the end of the year and again next fall. Greenville Schools is a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach.

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