Monday, May 18, 2015

Greenville Junior High Band and Choir Members Earn Top Ratings at O.M.E.A District 11 Solo and Ensemble Contest.

April 11, 2015 turned out to be a very successful day for Greenville Junior High School’s band and choir students. Students who participated prepared solos and/or ensembles to be adjudicated by Ohio Music Education Association adjudicators on a five point scale with a 1 (Superior) rating being the highest rating possible. Fifty-two band students performed in thirty separate events in which twenty-six performances earned a 1 (Superior Rating) and four performances earned a 2 (Excellent Rating). Twenty-six choir students participated in which 4 performances earned a 1 (Superior Rating) and 5 performances earned a 2 (Excellent Rating). The Greenville Junior High Bands are under the direction of Mr. Brian McKibben and the Junior High Choirs are under the direction of Miss Kari Lemon. Both directors are GHS graduates. Mr. McKibben graduated in 1994 and Miss Lemon graduated in 2008.

The following band soloists received a 1 (Superior) rating: Lauren Dull, Dennis Forte, Ashton Crowell, Ian Laux, Shawna Osborne, Garrett Hartle, Macy Denlinger, Max Erwin, Ian Nischwitz, Dawson Shirley, Anna Chavez, Tristan McDaniel, Grant Minnich, Cassey Bolyard, Casey Malott, Anna Manges, Lily Stiefel, Josh Galloway, Taylor Hines, Kelsie Ruble.

The following band soloists received a 2 (Excellent Rating): Maddy Breig and Kiana Satterwhite

The following band ensembles received a 1 (Superior) rating: 7th Grade Woodwind Choir (Courtney Bucklew, Gloria Harrison, Adeline Haupt, Makayla Hess, Ryan Howard, Katie Jay, Matt Karns, Madision Klosterman, Jessica Mortensen, Samantha Newberry, Alex Ormsby, Kiana Satterwhite, Taylor Schmidt); 8th Grade Brass Trio (Katie Baughman, Lauren Dull, Shawna Osborne); 7th/8th Grade Brass Trio (Caleb Browder, Garrett Hartle, Ian Laux); 7th Grade Clarinet Trio (Mary Burk, Emma Klosterman, Kelli Kretschmar); 7th Grade Woodwind Trio (Sophie Gettinger, Destiny Grillot, Taylor Hines); 8th Grade Snare Drum Trio (Macy Denlinger, Grant Minnich, Danny Suter)

The following band ensembles received a 2 (Excellent) rating: 7th Grade Trumpet Trio (Caleb Coppes, Shelby Johns, Wesley Shaffer); 8th Grade Woodwind Choir (Cassey Bolyard, Maddy Breig, Levi Cain, Kinzie Clark, Shelby Herrmann, Caitlynne Kinard, Casey Malott, Anna Manges, Ian Nischwitz, Kelsie Ruble, Lily Stiefel, Jordyn Warren.

The following Choir performances received a 1 (Superior) rating: 7th Grade Women’s Ensemble (members include: Alyvia Badger, Hannah Brown, Taylor Denniston, Alyssa Evers, Victoria Gibboney, Brittany Grice, Elizabeth Knapp, Abby Swenson, and Brianna Wolf) and soloists Alyvia Badger, Jenna Netzley, and Gracie Pell.

The following choir performances received a 2 (Excellent) rating: soloists Aaron Buchy, Nic Colby, Taylor Denniston, Hailey Stringfield.

Other performances for the junior high choirs include: the Eighth Grade Women’s Ensemble (members include: Gillian Barcy, Gabby Boettcher, Macy Denlinger, Jenna Netzley, Gracie Pell, Sidney Purvis, Kelsey Stewart, Shila Thompson, and Jordyn Warren), the Junior High Men’s Ensemble (members include: Aaron Buchy, Nic Colby, Tristan Garner, Matt Knight, and Dylan Smith), and soloists: Matt Knight, Desiree Anders, and Victoria Gibboney.

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