Thursday, July 2, 2015

In Which Tony Stewart Discusses Owning Eldora...

The Dayton Business Journal recently published a Q & A with Eldora owner Tony Stewart (it turns out that he has other career things going on too, but owning a crown jewel of Darke County was the centerpiece of this discussion).

There's some great insight in the discussion, but my favorite bit came from the last question:

Q: Has the novelty of you owning the track, for fans, worn off?
A: I think some of that’s worn off, for sure. The thing that was great, until Earl passed, when he was still coming to the track, is that he was the Godfather of Eldora Speedway. It was like watching royalty walk in. The interaction he had with the fans was awesome. When I’m there to help before a race, it’s still neat to see people smile and wave and call your name out. I think they appreciate the fact that when I’m there, I’m not there for publicity sake. I’m there to work and help out. I’m as passionate about what’s going on at that race track as they are about things.
Check out the full Q & A by clicking here.

h/t: Keith Fasnacht

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