Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer will provide a School Resource Officer (SRO) to two Darke County school districts this school year. The Darke County Sheriff’s Office will partner with Franklin-Monroe Schools and Mississinawa Valley Schools by providing a fulltime deputy sheriff to be split between the two school districts. The cost to provide this deputy will be out of the Sheriff’s budget for this school year. The schools have only been asked to pay for instructional materials that may be required for programs that will be conducted by the deputy.

The two school districts were chosen because they are the only two school districts that reside outside of a city or village limit and the Darke County Sheriff’s Office is their primary law enforcement agency. Other school districts in the county fall within municipal limits that have existing police departments. Several of these agencies provide SRO’s to their schools.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has been in discussion with the Superintendents of Franklin-Monroe and Mississinawa Valley since the spring in anticipation of providing this service. Both school districts have welcomed the SRO with open arms.

Sheriff Spencer has assigned Deputy Sheriff Josh Brinley to be the SRO. Deputy Brinley is a military veteran and has been with the Darke County Sheriff’s Office for over 16 years. He is married with children of his own and is experienced in presenting programs in a school setting as a deputy. He completed SRO school back in the fall of last year and has been connecting with experienced SRO’s in the area. Deputy Brinley has been a part of the discussions and preparation with the administration of both school districts.

Deputy Brinley will be assigned to the schools as his fulltime job when school is in session for 40 hours a week. The goal is to provide each school with 20 hours of service each week. The schedule will not be set for security reasons and to allow for Deputy Brinley to have flexibility in providing services to each school and address any special issues that might arise at one school or another. As a rule Deputy Brinley will be in a uniform and a marked Sheriff’s cruiser will be present at the school during his duty. He is encouraged to participate in special school functions when time allows.

The SRO program is designed to fulfill three roles in concert with school administration. They are 1) Law Enforcement 2) Crime Prevention 3) Education. The educational component will be conducted through cooperation with school officials. Examples of presentations may include drug awareness and education, bullying, conflict resolution, personal and social responsibility.

Although there are memorandums of understanding in place, Sheriff Spencer has not asked for compensation from the school districts at this point. This is the first year we have implemented the program and we all wanted to start with as few strings attached between the Sheriff’s Office and the school districts as possible. At the conclusion of the school year the SRO program will be evaluated by all partners on its effectiveness. If the program is deemed of value and a determination is made to continue the program, funding will be discussed as well as long term goals and objectives.

Sheriff Spencer looks forward to the opportunity to serve and protect our most valuable resource in the county which is our youth. He has desired to establish this important partnership with our local schools in order to provide a closer connection to our young citizens and provide a positive role model to our youth.

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