Thursday, September 8, 2016

DCP Summer Camps a Hit

The “Aquatic Adventures” mini camp participants
explore creek like at Worth Family Nature Preserve.
This summer the Darke County Park District offered a whopping 10 different summer camps for local youth from as young as six up to fifteen years old. Some of the highlights from the seven, week-long camps included going zip lining with the “Adventure Zone” camp, competing in water Olympics with the “Splish Splash” camp, and learning to cook over an open fire during the “Frontier Survival” camp. Mandy Martin, a naturalist with Darke County parks for many years, said the summer was “filled with adventures, laughter, wonder, and exploring nature.”

Along with the previously mentioned camps, Darke County Parks’ staff also offered “Rocks in our Pockets” a geology themed camp for six and seven year olds, “The Forest Awakens” a conservation themed camp for eight and nine year olds, “Carnivorous Creatures” a meat eater themed camp also for eight and nine year olds, and “Get out and Paddle” a canoe and kayak themed camp for ten to twelve year olds.

Throughout the camps students experienced geode cracking, mountain biking, netting butterflies, learning about edible plants, lake kayaking, and creek wading.

The park staff also continued offering three day long mini camps at an economic price. This year’s mini camps included “Aquatic Adventures,” a water and creek themed camp for six to nine year olds; “Beautiful Butterflies,” three mornings of butterfly activities, learning, and fun for six to nine year olds, and “Green Team,” afternoons of reducing, recycling, and lots of reusing for nine to twelve year olds.

Look for next year’s summer camp offerings in the spring and summer issues of the Darke County Parks’ newsletter “Nature Notes” along with the parks’ many other program offerings throughout the year. For more information about all the learning opportunities at Darke County Parks call (937) 548-0165 or email

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