Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Eva Goubeaux, daughter Wes and Chandra Goubeaux of Russia,
enjoys time with VHCC long-term care resident Mae Stoltz.
Versailles Health Care Center, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, would like to thank all of the community members, especially children and young adults, who have visited the residents and patients over the past year. These community members make such a difference in the lives of Versailles Health Care Center residents and patients.

According to Kim Fair, VHCC Activities Director, “Being a part of intergenerational activities and being able to participate with each other gives our residents and patients a chance to see what is going on in the world today. The world is ever evolving and spinning faster and faster. The older we become the faster time seems to go. Each generation is more advanced than the previous generation and we strive to keep up.”

By interacting with various age groups, Versailles Health Care Center residents and patients are able to learn from each other and share valuable information with each other. Fair shared, “It is really quite amazing and a beautiful way to exchange ideas and information with each other. Sharing information with each other guarantees the survival of knowledge for future generations to come.”

The mental, emotional, and physical benefits of taking a few minutes out of a busy day to join each other for an activity are great. Not only is it an advantage to the elderly to learn from the youth, it is an advantage for the youth community members.

Kristy Earick, VHCC CEO/Executive Director, commented “Our community is quite fortunate to have such well rounded families which believe in education, knowledge, and the ability to give back to their community. Having such a wide variety of age groups visiting Versailles Health Care Center is a wonderful opportunity to make friends and share laughter with each other.” Versailles Health Care Center residents and patients look forward to visits every day. Handmade cards to celebrate the season, a birthday, or even just to make a day brighter, are enjoyed by all. The theater productions and sing-a-longs are favorites too.

Fair smilingly concluded, “And that is why we send out such a heartfelt thank you to everyone for making the intergenerational program offered at VHCC so successful. Children and young adults have come from every age group and every school in our area. They have enhanced our quality of life greatly by sharing all of their stories and triumphs with us. We are so fortunate to have such amazing, thoughtful people in our lives everyday. Thank you all so much!”

Versailles Health Care Center offers long-term care, short-term rehab services, and outpatient therapy services. If you would like to join the volunteer program at the care center, please contact Kim Fair at 937-526-5570 or

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