Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Ticket sales for this years Fall Murder Mystery are on sale now! To reserve your tickets, email the following information to

1)Party Name(s)
2)Party Size(s)
3)Contact Phone Number
4)Date: 1st Choice for Tickets
5)Date: 2nd Choice for Tickets

Show dates are October 26th & October 27th and November 3rd, 9th & 10th

November 3rd and November 10th are SOLD OUT!

Ticket reservations will be taken in the order that they are received via email. Our goal will always remain to accommodate your whole party being seated together and to try and book your tickets on the date that works best for you. You will receive a follow up email after your tickets have been booked that will state the date that your tickets have been booked and requesting payment information. If you would like to pay by credit/debit card, we will need to know the best time to contact you to take payment. Please note that paying by credit/debit card will result in a $1 fee per ticket. If payment is made by check, checks must be mailed to PO 255, Greenville OH 45331. Please note that payment must be received via mail by check or via phone by credit/debit card no later than one week after your reservation or your tickets will go back on sale to the public.

Ticket costs are $25 per person and this includes dinner, desert, non-alcoholic beverages and the Murder Mystery. There will be a cash bar available as well. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please arrive no later than 6 p.m. to ensure you have plenty of time to mingle with the actors. For questions or concerns, please email Chris Chapa at

What happened to all the fairytale characters after their stories ended and their moment in the spotlight was gone? Join us as we attend the Fairytale Fall Formal at Magical Manor, hosted by Arian and Eric Princely. Tonight, is the night that all the fairytale characters gather for a reunion and to catch up on one another’s lives. Here you will find the belles of the ball and realize that they might not be as charming as they seemed – scandalous Cindy Ella, drunken Bella Beast and snooty Arian Princely. You will also be reunited with sibling, Hanson and Gretta who are still trying to be in the spotlight after all these years (it’s rumored they will be on Frolicking with the Fairytales.) Not all is as you remember with these characters as their lives have dramatically changed, some for the worst. What will the fairytale characters think when newly married villains Furella Devil and Zafar show up uninvited? This night will give you a glimpse into how these characters have adapted to the modern world and what has changed since happily ever after.

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