Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New Animal Ambassadors at Darke County Parks

On July 25, Darke County Parks expanded its raptor education program with the addition of two juvenile Red-tailed Hawks. Hatched in early May, these hawks were delivered to a rehabilitation facility when the tree they were nesting in was cut down. While the birds did not have physical injuries, they became accustomed to human interaction and therefore could not be released back to the wild. This male and female duo have settled into the recently constructed raptor mew at Shawnee Prairie Preserve and are being trained daily so that they can be presented at programs for the community.

What’s next? We need to get the hawks named! The park district has a poll on Facebook to choose one of five names. They are as follows: Sky & Spirit, Bindi & Bobbie, Annie & Oakley, Apollo & Athena, and Linus & Lucy. These names were selected from staff, volunteer, and public suggestions. During our Prairie Days festival Sept. 29th and 30th we will be taking additional votes to make our final decision. Stop by the new raptor mew to cast your vote and get a peek at these beautiful new additions to the Darke County Parks family.

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