Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Greenville High School Offers New Program- Project LIFE

October 19, 2020, Greenville, Ohio- Greenville High School is proud to announce the newest addition to the opportunities offered to students. Greenville High School is offering Project LIFE. Project LIFE is a comprehensive, multi-year transition-to-adulthood program in which individuals (ages 16+) with disabilities can develop practice and strengthen skills that are high predictors for increased adult independence and successful, integrated community employment. Project LIFE is a combined education and work experience program that give high school students and young adult “interns” with developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn and build skills leading to future employment and a more independent adulthood.

Utilizing evidence-based practices proven to build independence, Project LIFE has been promoting quality job training partnerships with area businesses in Southwest Ohio for more than 12 years and now is doing the same in Greenville. Project LIFE interns are currently working toward becoming proficient in Team Building, Work Place Safety, Soft Skills, Basic Technology, Financial Literacy,  Gaining Employment, and Maintaining Employment. This targeted course of student combined with participation in experiential life skills and work-based learning supports students on their journey to adulthood and greater independence.

Project LIFE began in 2007 and is now impacting lives nation-wide. Thanks to a collaborative partnership between Greenville City Schools, Darke DD, Project LIFE & Butler Tech, and Mitsubishi Electric Foundation, Greenville High School can offer this program to students. Project LIFE believes that all individuals, regardless of disability, will grow in independence when expectations for learning are raised.

Pattie Shrom a parent of a former Project LIFE intern says, “There are many hills and valleys during transition. As our children grow, the fear of the “real world” becomes a looming wall, like a tidal wave getting ready to swallow our children. It is a very scary time. Project LIFE provides a solid baseline of support for parents and students as they progress toward adulthood and employment.”

We are seeking opportunities for Project LIFE Interns to explore and gain skills leading to future employment. Partnering with Greenville High School Project LIFE to provide authentic learning opportunities result in outcomes such as additional marketing for organizations, building new relationship, identify great future employees and more. Currently our Project LIFE interns are partnering with Bob Evans, The City of Greenville and Greenville City Schools Transportation Department.

A typical day at Project LIFE includes classroom learning focused on course of student topics and several hours of work-based learning experiences under the supervision of a qualified instructor or Job Skill Trainer. Each intern’s job skills are assessed based on employer standards and expectations and weekly job skill reports help proved data that focuses on individual progress. Project LIFE is already making a difference in the lives of our local interns. Jeremiah Bunch (left), an intern in Project LIFE says, “The jobs Project LIFE have been working are excellent ways for me to learn new skills. Carter Suttle (below), another intern shared, “I like this program because I like the physical work. I like helping my co-workers. I like the independence I’m learning.”

Greenville City Schools strives to be the leader in educational offerings, student performance and community involvement and will maximize the potential of each and every student. Project LIFE is another way that Greenville is moving toward that vision. If you are interested in learning more about Project LIFE or would like to partner with Greenville’s Project LIFE please visit our website at https://www.greenville.k12.oh.us/ProjectLIFE.aspx or btprojectlife.org or contact Andrea Townsend or Julia Slyder at 937-548-3185 ext 1301.

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