Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Tina White in Support of the Darke County Parks Levy

Letter to the Editor:

If you believe in protecting our land for future generations and preserving our history vote FOR Darke County Parks, Issue #1.  If you believe in protecting our natural resources and enjoying nature in all its beauty vote FOR Darke County Parks.

The Darke County Park District was created in 1972.  Since that time we have seen much grown, adding parks due to their natural and cultural history while also increasing programming and opportunities for the community.  In those 48 years expenses have increased and community needs have evolved.  As a Park Board Member we have the duty of efficiently and economically managing our funds to ensure all aspects of our Parks are taken care of with the best interests of the community in mind.  Due to inflation on expenses and increased costs for maintenance and repairs managing the budget with the cost of this inflation has become more challenging.  Shawnee Prairie Preserve Nature Education Center was built in 1997.  There are needed repairs upcoming, to this building and other structures within our park system that have weathered in time.  This additional levy will ensure funds within the budget for these upcoming needs.  The Darke County Parks budget is public record and can be viewed by requesting a copy from the Park Office at Shawnee Prairie Preserve.  This levy also opens possibilities of land partnerships to preserve local history.  Voting FOR the Darke County Parks and Issue #1 benefits us all in numerous ways.  As a longtime volunteer for Darke County Parks, a previous Board Member of the Friends of Darke County Parks, and as a current Park Board Member my life has been enriched in so many ways thanks to Darke County Parks.  I will always be grateful and always support Darke County Parks.  I ask that you join me in voting FOR Darke County Parks on Issue #1 and for the continued enrichment of our community and preservation of our history.

Tina White, Park Board Member
Commissioner At Large
Darke County Parks

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