Friday, September 25, 2009

"He'll never disrespect the flag again"

Don't mess with the Valley Falls V.F.W.


  1. Good for them, No mention about possible charges against the "offenders".

  2. I am a firm believer in the freedoms this great country of ours affords along with the right to show your disrespect for the flag unfortunatly. But that was just rude and dumb. Good for the VFW. I am currious as to what his other two options were though.

  3. His choices were…
    1. Turned over to the Police.
    2. Go 1 on 1 w/ a War Veteran
    3. Be “duct taped” to the Flag Pole for 6 hours.
    I love it… 3 Cheers for the VFW, well done.

  4. Yes, he does have the right to disrespect the flag. He does not have the right to cut the cord on the VFW's flagpole and set fire to the VFW's flag; that's vandalism.


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