Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: DarkeJournal year in review

So what were the biggest Darke County stories of 2010? Here are some of the story lines that generated the most user comments during the last year ...

The Greenville City School Levy fails three times: By far, the most commented upon story in 2010 was Greenville's ongoing effort to pass its school building levy. There are too many stories to list but here were a few of the most active.

* 128 comments - February 3rd - Greenville levy goes down

Group sex offender housing in Greenville: On May 12th, DarkeJournal revealed that 12 convicted sex offenders were living in three Greenville Homes. That story generated 79 comments - and a handful of follow-up stories generated similar interest, including: No place for sex offenders to live? ... with 56 comments.

Mike Stegall runs for commissioner: For whatever reason, Stegall was a lightning rod for comments. On January 26th, DarkeJournal announced that Mike Stegall would be running for commissioner - 39 comments. Stegall frequently submitted policy articles to DarkeJournal, which always generated a lot of interest, but created an especially active discussion with his now-famous July 24th article titled Two Cans of Pop.

Don Wright stirring the pot: Don Wright erected his "Hope and Change" sign in June - and then later announced that The fat lady had sung.
ObamaCare passes in Congress: On March 19th Wayne Deschambeau's article "Single Payer is not the Answer" generated 17 comments. On March 22nd, an open thread was posted which was titled "Democrats pass healthcare - forfeit November elections." Hey - it turns out that prediction was correct - and prompted 67 comments at the time.
Lady Antebellum: In January, the Fair Board announced Lady Antebellum as its featured artist for the 2010 Fair; in March, the Fair Board explained problems involved with purchasing tickets.

Some other story lines that interested readers ... State report cards for Darke County Schools (8/27 - 41 comments); Terrence Lee Keaser's late-night rant about pride (8/28 - 63 comments); Broadway Joe's loses its lease (1/19 - 44 comments); Wave coach suspended for one game (1/23 - 30 comments); The end of the line for Colony Restaurant (2/18 - 17 comments, photos deleted); Chaos at the Darke County TEA Party meeting (4/20 - 33 comments); The proposed tax on Eldora tickets (4/20 - 46 comments); and Airplains! (8/6 - 37 comments)

And the most surprising triple-digit comment story of the year ... Busting out in Ansonia (5/28 - 106 comments).

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