Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Little Dresses for Africa Project

Faith United Methodist Mission Committee (L to R): Cheryl Gray, Debbie Metzner, Sharon Karns, Judy Fourman, Sharon Troutwine

Faith United Methodist Church Mission Committee is sharing the success of their first-time experience of Little Dresses for Africa project. The simple to make dresses in a variety of colorful fabric gives hope to little girls in Africa one dress at a time. The talented seamstresses of the church generated so much enthusiasm for the project they were joined by members of the Trinity United Methodist Church and others elsewhere in the Arcanum community in producing the dresses. Non-seamstress ladies willingly donated a yard of fabric or pillow case need for a dress resulting in some participants making multiple dresses. To-date, 70 dresses have been made that will be shipped in the future with several more still being completed.

Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization which provides relief for children in Africa. The little dresses are distributed to orphanages, churches and schools to plant in the hearts of girls that they are worthy. The ministry has grown serving 47 Africa countries as well as places in the United States such as the Appalachian Mountains and South Dakota. The dresses that go out from the churches and communities touch lives and serve as Ambassadors to give hope to the children who receive them. Faith United Methodist Mission Committee, ladies of the church and others in the community who joined in their efforts are proud to have served in extending the hope provided by this ministry. The average cost to make a dress is about $2.00 but priceless to the little girl who receives it. If you want to learn more about the project, contact Faith Church, any member of the Mission Committee or check out the website at

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