Monday, November 28, 2016

Wayne HealthCare Purchases Innovative Beds and Mattress System to Improve the Patient Experience

Wayne HealthCare is committed to improving the healthcare experience for patients, employees and their families. The hospital received a generous gift from the estate of Ms. Venice Ricker with restrictions on how the gift must be used. As a recipient of this generous gift, the hospital has earmarked funds to purchase 24 new Hill-Rom Advanta 2 beds and Morel Hercules mattresses.

The new beds and mattresses will be installed in two phases. The first phase will be completed before the end of the year and the second phase will be installed in January 2017.

The Advanta 2 bed is a smart bed with reliable connectivity to most nurse call systems. Alerts are built into the bed to provide instant notification of unsafe events. The Advanta 2 bed is the latest smart bed model from Hill-Rom. “Having a bed with patient-friendly features is a great addition to helping improve the experience for patients in the 3North Telemetry Med/Surg unit,” said Kim Freeman, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at Wayne HealthCare.

This bed is an excellent choice because it combines new smart technology; innovative design features with proven features that aid in safe care, ease of use, flexibility, and patient comfort.

To compliment The Advanta™ 2 Telemetry Med/ Surg Beds, patients in the unit will also have a new technology to help resolve a longstanding challenge in caring for patients – moving them up when they have slid down in their beds.

This technology, called The Hercules Patient Repositioner™, includes a unique drive, mattress and sheet combination that allows a single caregiver to safely move a patient back up-in-bed to a comfortable position with the simple push of a button. Hercules can be easily attached to any healthcare bed and can reposition patients weighing up to 500 pounds in less than 10 seconds.

“Being pulled up-in-bed using Hercules is very comfortable and our patients love the fact they don’t have to wait for two or three people to perform this task,” said Deb Osborne, RN Charge Nurse for 3North Telemetry Med/Surg unit. “And, I don’t have to worry about our nursing staff getting injured doing it.”

Wayne HealthCare is excited about providing this improved level of care for patients. Traditional repositioning methods, such as slide sheets and lifts are disruptive to the patient’s experience. Now, patients don’t have to worry about that negative experience when the caregiver uses Hercules. “This routine part of caring for a patient was often painful and sometimes even embarrassing for our patients. Now, every time we walk into the patient’s room, we can ensure they are in the most comfortable position in bed by simply pushing a button,” said Deb Osborne, RN.

Hercules operates much like a conveyor and effortlessly repositions the patient back up-in-bed, often times without them even knowing they are moving. Hercules uses a special sheet that is twice as long as a standard sheet and will allow a patient to be repositioned up to 10 times before the sheet is reset or changed.

Patients that have recently had an inpatient stay at the hospital have expressed their appreciation for the improvements to patient care.

Kim Freeman, Vice President of Patient Care Services, said, “Wayne HealthCare is always pursuing technologies that will improve the care practice for patients and the safety of our staff. We understand that a hospital stay frequently involves discomfort because of illness or the patient’s condition. If there is anything that we can do to improve this, as well as reduce injuries for our staff, that is something we are going to strive to do.”

“We are extremely excited to add high quality beds and mattress to the Telemetry Med/Surg unit and once again look forward to providing exceedingly well and compassionate care for our patients and their families.

For more information about the Hill Rom’s Advanta™ 2 Med Surg Bed, please visit

To learn more about The Hercules Patient Repositioner™ or see a video of the technology, please visit The Morel Company® website:

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